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Dalucci Design Company takes pride in providing a full range of interior design services from concept development through project management. As an independently owned firm, we are able to provide high-level, personalized attention to our clients and their projects, regardless of scale. 

While creativity and innovation are vital, our ability to translate your aesthetic and functional vision into a tangible, affordable form that reflects your personality, or brand, is paramount to our success—and your satisfaction. After all, your home, office or place of business is more than a look. 

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"As an interior designer working in a dynamic moment in time, where options are endless, "rules" passé, and lifestyles, kinetic, I have the challenge of bringing balance, harmony and style into my clients' residential and commercial environments—and to do it in a way that reflects and celebrates their individual tastes.

My goal is to help clients understand the potential of their space, then match that to their needs and desires. In concept, that means capturing a piece of their imagination and creating a space that does the same.

By doing so, I create an environment in which they will take pride and pleasure for decades to come."  

Dana Angelucci, Principal Designer

Your details in your drawings, your work in CAD, your eye for color, YOUR SPACE planning, your research to find a particular item, or even just the perfect trim detail, your professional demeanor while working with so many different vendors, builders and subcontractors, and trying always to please the client was impeccable. - Custom Home and Decor Client of Dalucci Design
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